Graphic Design

Professional graphic design is a major factor in converting new customers with your website or branding. When we analyze the world’s biggest and most successful companies, we find they all having something in common – exceptional, memorable design: Nike’s swish, Macintosh’s apple, the Starbucks mermaid, the Toyota emblem that contains all the letters of “TOYOTA”, Amazon’s A to Z. When you have only moments to convey information and leave an impression; the image you put out to the world must be perfect.


Northwest Tax Associates

Pacific Northwesterns are enamored with their wild and beautiful region, filled with everything from the high desert to lake-studded forest to rugged coast lines. This income tax preparation company stayed true to their roots with their name, and this logo cleverly incorporates the first letter of every word.

Wimer Music Studio

This striking logo was inspired by an grand piano, with it’s graceful arc rising like music from the instrument and from the heart of the musician.

Brooks / Cole

One of our first clients during the CD-ROM era, Cengage (formerly Thomson Wadsworth Publishing) specializes in digital learning, online & printed textbooks for collages across the globe. We had the pleasure of being Art Director for the BCA project and worked closely with the CTO and marketing team at Thomson/Wadsworth.

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